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Presentation of the French team’s research – PICCH

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Date(s) : du 25 mai 2022 14 h 00 au 25 mai 2022 16 h 00

Lieu : Salle Seurat, médiathèque de la MMSH, Aix-en-Provence

Organisateur(s) / trice(s) à TELEMMe :

Projet organisateur : PICCH

Partenaires :

  • INAthèque
  • Phonothèque de la MMSH


During this workshop, the members of the French team will present to international researchers involved in the project the work undertaken within the framework of the ANR Polyvocal (PICCH).

Online by Zoom


The presentations will be structured in pairs, mixing researchers and students.

Dr. Christine Mussard ( Lecturer in History – IREMAM ) & Khaoula Louihichi (Master’s student in History and PICCH intern) –
Schooling during the Algerian war of independence: paper sources and audiovisual sources

Simon Quay (Master’s student in History and PICCH intern) & Pauline Savéant (PhD student in History) –
Marseille’s colonial legacy: history and media representation

Véronique Ginouvès (research engineer and head of the archives of the MMSH) & Dr. Maya Saidani (Master’s student in social sciences and PICCH intern) –
The sounds archive of the Algerian socio-anthropologist Faouzi Adel (1947-1999)

Dr. Sophie Gebeil (Lecturer in History – TELEMMe) & Sheïma Boutchicha (Master’s student in History and PICCH intern) –
Web and Web archives as a sources for studying the Memories of the Algerian War and Immigrant Struggles