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Showing, Seeing, Hearing Balkan Cities. Seminar CREABALK #2

Φωτο-Ξεναγhσεις στο Μουσεiο Κινηματογρaφου Θεσσαλονiκης - Διεθνhς Ημeρα Μουσεiων 2016 / The monument of Alexander the Great, Evangelos Moustakas, 1974 (c. Pierre Sintès)

Atelier et Séminaire

Date(s) : du 12 décembre 2019 11 h 00 au 12 décembre 2019 13 h 00

Lieu : Thessalonique

Organisateur(s) / trice(s) à TELEMMe :


This second CREABALK seminar proposes to explore fiction as well as documentary images and sounds of the Balkan city. Films and soundscapes are matters of sensory perception and social imagination, depiction and creation, narration and performance. How urban experiences look like and sound like? We will also put the accent on the ways researchers and creators enter the city scene at the crossroads of art and science.

Organisation :
Olivier Givre, UMR 5600 EVS, Université Lumières Lyon 2
Eleni Sideri, Culture-Borders-Gender/LAB, University of Macedonia
Pierre Sintès, UMR 7303 TELEMMe, Aix-Marseille Université
Fotini Tsibiridou, Culture-Borders-Gender/LAB, University of Macedonia

CREABALK (Creative Balkansis an international network of academic and cultural partners (Aix-Marseille Université, the University of Macedonia, Université Lumières Lyon 2 and the Insitut français de Thessalonique) focusing on the city as a research and creation lab. Based in Thessaloniki, CREABALK aims at promoting innovative research and pedagogical projects linking social sciences and creative disciplines, in Southeast Europe and Mediterranean countries.


Thursday 12/12 : CREABALK Seminar

Institut français de Thessalonique | Conferences

11.00-13.00 : Sound and Vision: Two Perspectives from Thessaloniki

Christos Goussios, (Film School, Faculty of Arts, Auth)
Sounds and/of Cities in Time and Space

Lina Milonaki (Film Theorist, Region of Central Macedonia), Yiannis Grosdanis (Journalist and Film Critic)
Thessaloniki – the walking experience of a cinematic city

Screening/Discussion (in partnership with Balkan Beyond Borders and Auth Film School)
University of Macedonia

15.00-17.00 (Seminar HALL 10)

1. Urban Architecture and Urban Poetics:
Concrete Utopia (18.16′) Anna Ilin and Josefine Bingemer, Washingtonia (47.19’) Konstantina Gotzamani . To Tell a Ghost (11.51′), Chris Piotrowicz, Stefan Ehrhardt, Belgrade is Blue like an Orange (9.50′) Antonin Blanc.

18.00-20.30 (Amphitheatre 12)

2. Urban Experiences, Crises and Experiments:
4 Days (79′) Michalis Giagkounidis, Vietnam (25.29’) Jovana Kovanovic , Spectrum (11.15’) Dimitris Gkotsis, On Bike (16′) Gorjan Atanasov, Cross (26′), Konstantinos Stathis.


Friday 13/12 : CREABALK working meetings

(University of Macedonia)

10:30-11.30: Signing at the Rector’s Office

11.30-13.00: CREABALK discussion on projects and fundings – presentation of the project’s participants, project’s frames

14.00-16.00: CREABALK discussion on projects and fundings – work organization, priorities, schedules, next seminar


Saturday 14/12

11.00-13.00 : Visit of The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki – MOMus